Anti sun

Shading systems have different fields of application, not limited only to their use in agriculture. For instance, shading systems are largely used to protect vehicles from the sunlight in parking garages. Aparticularly dense net is used in this type of structure, such as type “raschel” or “a giro inglese”. It is fixed on both sides to the top wire through specific plaques. The net remains open during the winter season; therefore the structure is exposed to snowfall. For this reason, since discharge of snow or hail to the ground does not occur, the load of possible precipitations will weigh on the vertical supporting structure. Comavit offers a number of different shading nets that will satisfy the client’s screening request. In agriculture shading solutions between 30 and 60% are the most commonly employed, whereas in other fields the screening ability required can reach up to 95%. To reduce the visual impact, it is possible to request colourful shading nets.

Anti sun - Comavit

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