Sylvoz plants

It is a type of quite popular culture which leaves a long pruning and it has a short density of plants, it has and requires important water availability which are typical for the Northen Italy.
The production is supported by the shoots which are put on a permanent horizontal cord placed at the height of 1,30-1,70 mt.


These shoots are bended and bounded towards the ground, they make small arches; each plant can have generally from two up to five arches.
The high arching of the shoot makes the production to be mostly concentrated in those buds which are born bothfrom the first and the last buds. On the other hand  in the middle part of the shoot,  just under the sweep, we can find feeding problems due to the short quantity of raw sap, this lack can provoke weak first fruits and blind buds.


The Sylvoz guarantees a big production but of medium-low quality, this plant can be mechanized  but with a pruning made by hand.


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