Pergola Trentina plants

In this a type of culture the growth is placed on a roof which has an angle of inclination of 25° towards the height, you can find many varieties according to the orographic characteristics of the area where the vineyard is located.


It is possible to distinguish among single pergole (mostly used on the hills) and double pergole (mainly spreaded on plain territories). Furthermore tha pergola trentina can have a open or closed structure owing to the possibility of covering or not covering all the space between the rows. From the structural point of view the vines have a vertical stem on whose top are left 2-3 vine shoots, they are bounded to the roof and bended towards the middle of the interrow.


This system was created for the viticulture located in  the montains and it allows a grapes production of high quality, but it has the disadvantage of not being machanizable.


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