Spindel and Super Spindel - Orchards Plants

SPINDEL called Fusetto on pear-tree and peach-tree, too, is a type of culture particularly suitable for those varieties which are not so robust, it is widespreaded in the Northen and Middle Europe, this due to the trend of increasing the number of plants/hectare and reducing the plants’ size.
Its structure is very simple, the plant has a classic conic development due to the fact that the branches put on the central pole have decreasing dimensions while going to the upper part.
The plants never reach a 3 mt height, this semplify the picking, the pruning and the phitosanitary treatments. The orchard begins its production in very few years, starting from the second year you can obtain significant picking and the fruits produced by these plants have usually a very good quality.


SUPERSPINDEL stands out from Spindel owing to the more densisty of plants due to the intention of increasing the light interception and the production in each hectare. This plant is more expensive and the obtained results don’t always justify the costs.


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