V5 - Anti-hail system

The V5 anti-hail plant was recently tested to solve a problem concerning the discharging of hailstones. It is a sort of evolution of the “rete piana” system, the disposition of the posts, anchorages, wires and cables remains the same.


In this structure the net is kept tight by the rubber bands which connect one net to the other one to form a V shape in the middle of the interrow. In this way all the hailstones are conveyed in the middle of the row where a kind of funnel helps the discharging on the ground of the heilstones. This plant can be applied in any kind of culture the distance between the rows must be more than 3,5 mt and the height must be till 5 mt.


Its installation is a little bit more difficult in comparison to the “a rete piana” plant because of the rubber bands but at the same time it is less complicated than the “capannina” system.For what concerns the annual management of the openening and the closing process of the nets you need to spend more time in comparison to the “rete piana” system.


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