Metal post

COMAVIT’S metal posts are the new reference point in the market, thanks to the selected steel they are made of, to the high tech production process and to the new multi-rib profile, which increases flexion and twist resistance.
Their open structure granted a good ventilation, avoiding condensation in the lower part, which is directly in contact with the soil, while high thickness and the post-working hot-dip galvanizing process give them extraordinary resistance and a long life time.


Since their design takes care of the latest mechanization needs, it is possible to have them with: 'N' hook, which prevents the accidental coming out of wires, 'H' hook, which eases the installation of side wires, 'U' hook, for the automatic release of wires. 
Furthermore, hooks follows post’s profile, so it will not be damaged by grape harvesters’ beaters or by other machinery normally used in fields.

Thanks to their special profile, which allows to bear more side load than traditional steel stakes, COMAVIT metal posts can be installed with more space between each other, reducing the costs of the system. COMAVIT's metal posts, which are available in traditional steel (post-working galvanised steel), in pre-galvanised steel ore in Cor-ten, are not only the best choice from a technical point of view, but are also the best investment for the ones who want to pursue quality.

Foto di Metal post