Rope block band


To block the rope on the concrete post. Available in the M8 - M10 versions for different post sections




post section

SBF-M8-7 M8 - for post section 7X7,5 cm
SBF-M8-78 M8 - for post section 7x8 cm
SBF-M8-8 M8 - for post section 8x8,5 cm
SBF-M8-9 M8 - for post section 9x9,5 cm
SBF-M8-10 M8 - for post section 10x12 cm
SBF-M8-13 M8 - for post section 13x14 cm
SBF-M10-7 M10 - for post section 7X7,5 cm
SBF-M10-78 M10 - for post section 7x8 cm
SBF-M10-8 M10 - for post section 8x8,5 cm
SBF-M10-9 M10 - for post section 9x9,5 cm
SBF-M10-9/10 M10 - for post section 9x9,5/10x12 cm
SBF-M10-10 M10 - for post section 10x12 cm
SBF-M8-13 M10 - for post section 13x14 cm