Cordone libero - Comavit

Cordone libero

It is a training system designed to maximize mechanization and reduce management costs. This system provides for a single load-bearing wire that supports the entire weight of the vegetation and production, with the shoots falling downwards. For this reason, AISI 304 stainless steel wires or the high resistance Comavit PLUS Zinc-Aluminium wire are recommended, in both cases with a diameter equal to or greater than 2.5 mm. Furthermore, since the center of gravity of the structure is generally at 130-170 cm above the ground, the use of medium-large section metal posts is recommended for support. In particular, the Sirio post features the “Cortina” split which allows for the reduction of stress on the supporting wire. There is also the “mobilized” variant of the traditional box pruning, where the supporting wire is attached to a caps instead of the post, allowing it to swing freely along the vertical axis. This allows for the vertical shaking of the mechanical harvest, which, in addition to being more effective, reduces stress on the plants.

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