Open gable - Comavit

Open gable

It is a system that involves the creation of a slightly inclined double leafy wall, creating a Y shape. It is well suited in places with high solar radiation, where the vegetation protects the grapes from sunburn. Therefore, it is widely used in California, Australia, South Africa, Israel, and Chile. Due to the difficulty of mechanical harvesting, it is a system that is preferably used for table grapes. It has a higher management cost than the espalier system but lower than the tendone. Other sorts of crops, such intensive pomegranate, have started to employ this framework in recent years. The Comavit open gable is made with a vertically installed Kratos or Cronos post and 3 Ares posts connected to create the projecting structure. The system is supplied with a mounting kit. The length and inclination of the arms, as well as the distance from the ground, are completely custo- mizable according to the customer’s needs.

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