Pergola - Comavit


Pergola is a form of cultivation in which the vegetation is arranged on a roof inclined upwards at 15- 25°, although there are many variations depending on the local culture. There are two types of pergola, open and closed, depending on whether all the space between the rows is covered or not. This system was designed for viticulture in mountainous areas, allowing for good light interception and producing high-quality grapes, but it has the disadvantage of not being mechanized. Generally, for the construction of closed pergolas, prestressed concrete posts are used in combination with metal crossbeams that support the vegetation wires. On the other hand, open pergolas are made with a concrete post paired with a 200 cm wide hot-dip galvanized arm, generally equipped with 6 wire holders. For the support of plants and vegetation, stainless steel wire AISI304 or Comavit PLUS wire can be used.

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