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Spindel e Superspindel

These are used in orchards made with low-vigor varieties, very common in Northern and Central Europe. They are distinguished by the density of plants/ ha, which in the Superspindel is higher and can reach 10,000 plants/ha. The plants are small in size, simplifying harvesting, pruning and phytosanitary treatments. In addition, this system minimizes the time required to reach full production. The structure is made with pre-stressed posts with a height above ground not exceeding 2.8 m (when hail or rain protection is not required). The recommended sections for head posts are 9x9.5 and 10x12 cm, in both cases with 18 wire reinforcement. For intermediate posts, the most common sections are 7x8 and 8x8.5 cm with 12 wire reinforcement. The distance between the posts varies depending on the plant height, production load and, in particular, the root development of the rootstock. It is possible to use spacer brackets, which should be positioned around 80 cm off the ground and support the wires required to properly arrange the growth of the fruiting branches.