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Pergola kiwi

The pergola structure for kiwi is made with pre-stressed concrete posts and hot dip galvanized brackets. Given the high production load, it is recommended to use intermediate posts with a section of 8x8.5 cm, reinforced with 12 wires; and head posts with a section of 10x12 cm and 18 wires as reinforcement. The distance between posts along the row generally does not exceed 4 meters. The kiwi pergola is often equipped with a hail or rain protection sheltering, the latter to limit the pheno- mena of plant death in yellow and red kiwis. In the case of a covered plantation, low posts are alternated with high posts that support the net or the plastic film. All posts are equipped with hot-dip galvanized brackets that must be chosen accordingly to the variety grown. In detail, for green kiwi, brackets of 200 cm width are used, bent at the ends with an angle between 70 and 90°. These brackets are equipped with 4 to 6 wire hooks. In some regions of Italy, a 2-meter bracket without curvature is also used. For yellow kiwis, on the other hand, the most common solution is a 250 cm brackets with a softer curvature and 6 wire hooks.